Service Programs

The Knights of Columbus is a "Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization." This theme permeates the entire Service Program; all Church, community, council, family, pro-life, and youth activities. The Service Program is designed to establish each council as an influential and important force within the community, elevate the status of the programming personnel, provide more meaningful and relevant programs of action, establish direct areas of responsibility, build leadership, and ensure the success of council programs.

Church Programs: SK Gene Wierzgac (unless otherwise noted)
Pancake Breakfast: SK Kevin J. Galbraith Sr.
Lay Apostolate
Parochial Services
Religious Devotions 

Community Programs 
Pro-Life Couple: Bruce & Natalie Hooker
Ave Maria Radio Membership Drive: SK Kevin J. Galbraith Sr.
Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Candles: SK George Pariseau
Decency in the Media: SK David Kummet
Delonis Center: SK Gene Wierzgac
Human Needs
Civic Involvement
Public Safety
Health Services

Council Programs: SK Kevin J. Galbraith Sr. (unless otherwise noted)
Beads & Brew Bonfire: SK Frank Finch
Keeping Christ in Christmas: SK Michael Cesar, PGK
4th Degree Liasion: SK Gene Wierzgac
Knight of the Month: SK Frank Finch
Public Relations
Blood Drives: SK Frank Finck

Family Programs: Brother R. Kelly Boyd
Survivor's Assistance
Family of the Month
Family Projects
Family Week

Youth Programs: Brother Ken Criscio (unless otherwise noted)
Holy Cross Children's Services: Thomas Cook
Essay Contest: SK Kevin J. Galbraith Sr.
Columbian Squires: Brother Michael Porter, Chief Counselor
Soccer Challenge
Tootsie Roll Drive: Brother Ron Fuller & Brother Thomas Cook
First Communion Recognition
Confirmation Class Recognition
Alter Server Recognition: SK Gene Wierzgac
Youth Group Liaison
Educational Programs
Youth Welfare
Religious Activities
Social Activities