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October 2010: The Month of the Rosary

posted Oct 11, 2010, 1:15 PM by Unknown user
Brother Knights, I trust that you and your families are doing well. I have been writing mostly about personal experiences and observations in the last few newsletters. What I want to highlight this month is both simple and extremely rich in spiritual blessings. And isn't that just how God our Father comes to us? He stoops down to our level because He knows us best. He knows very well just how weak and sinful we are so He must keep things simple for us.
But, I digress. What I want to remind you of this month is this: October has traditionally been the "Month of the Rosary". And specifically, October 7th is the The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. This feast was instituted to honor Mary for the Christian victory over the Turks at Lepanto on October 7, 1571. Pope St. Pius V and all Christians had prayed the Rosary for victory. The Rosary, or the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is one of the best prayers to Mary, the Mother of God.
I have to be very honest when I tell you that I until recently, I recited the prayers of the Rosary only sporadically. But, since taking on the duties as your Grand Knight, I have recited the Rosary every morning for your intentions and for help in guiding the Council. I must tell you that my life has become "different" in a good way.
I have found myself behaving a little differently at work and have been given the Grace to be a little more patient with others. I have asked for "peace" internally and have found that what I am hearing most from the Holy Spirit is that for me to be at peace, I must become peace. I ask you to continue to recite the Rosary if you already do. And, if you have been like me and have not set time aside to pray the Rosary, that you start doing so this Month. It is the duty of every Knight to have with him, his Rosary beads and to recite them often. The prayers of the Rosary are our weapon and shield. They are our "spiritual armor".
Some things that you might consider praying about would be: The intentions of the Holy Father, our Bishop Earl and our Priest, Father Gerald. And of course, we must pray for our families and for the Grace to continue growing spiritually. We also should pray for our Country and for the elected officials that have been sent to represent us at various levels of government. Whatever you decide to pray about, I ask that you remember this month as the Month of the Rosary.
I want to thank you for your hard work during the Parish Festival helping with the 50/50 raffle and the Soccer Challenge. We are proud to host the next level of the Soccer Challenge for Area 7 on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at noon here at Old St. Patrick's. If you are in the area, please come by and cheer on our four local champions as they compete with boys and girls from as far as Flint! I also enjoyed working during the Breakfast last month and want to remind you that we have another breakfast in November. Also, we will have our first Potluck after the December Corporate Communion. The entire Parish family is invited to join us after the 10:30 a.m. Mass on December 5th so, please invite your friends and let them know. SK George and Lady Pariseau will be coordinating the dish assignments.
Congratulations to the following men who advanced in their Degrees on October 4, 2010: Adam Horste who entered the Order and attained all three degrees in one day! And, I wish to congratulate Paul Rabideau, Thomas Cook, Michael Jones and Jason Sutton - all  former First Degree Knights who attained their 3rd Degrees as well. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and fellowship afterward. I want to thank Sir Knight, Ian Horste and Brother 3rd Degree Knight Bernard Zacharias for witnessing the ceremonies with me. It was very nice to see such a great turn out for our Council. 
In closing, I am proud to announce that the Knight of the Month for September 2010 is: Brother Thomas Cook and that our Family for the Month of September 2010 is the Wierzgac family. At last Month's meeting, Brother Eric Restuccia was the winner of the book from the Grand Knight's book of the Month Guild. The book selection was written by Karl Keating and is titled  "Nothing but the truth, essays in apologetics". I look forward to giving another book away this month at the General Meeting. I hope to see you there.
God Love You,
SK Frank Finch
Grand Knight
Council 10963
Old St. Patrick Parish
Whitmore Lake, MI