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November 2010: (Not) Speaking of elections having consequences.

posted Nov 7, 2010, 4:19 AM by Unknown user
I would like to focus on what we have accomplished in the last few months. Because to be honest, I am reluctant to do what most people are doing these days and that is to talk about the recent election results.
While my wife and I are very active in politics personally, I do not see this as an appropriate forum to "re-hash" what you already know has happened and what we have all been inundated with for months. Instead, I want to focus on what we here at the Council have accomplished and what lies ahead with regard to Council business.
I am very pleased with the progress that we have shown on our budget. It is not necessarily a bad thing to not have a great deal of money at our disposal. But, if we want to give to charitable causes, we are going to have to put our heads together and come up with creative and appropriate ways to generate funds for our Council. Activities like the Daddy/Daughter dance and the All Saints Party are not that expensive to run, but they require funds "up front" so that the necessary shopping can be done. We cannot as a Council, lean on or depend upon the Parish to bail us out financially and as the Grand Knight, I do not plan on going to Father to ask for money. It should be the other way around, we should be here to support the parish and support Father. And we have been doing just that in other ways and I thank you for your hard work in doing so.
Both Father Gerald and Bernard Zacharias have told me on several occasions how appreciative they are for having the support of the Knights. Specifically, they appreciate the manpower and talents that you provide while working on various projects around the parish. Most recently, the basement renovation and the tree cutting work has been especially beneficial.
But, remember that you also serve God in other ways too by serving on the Parish Finance Committee, singing in the choir, serving on the Worship Committee as ushers and lectors and by being supportive to our Priest, Father Gerald.
You have accomplished a great deal in the last five months since the new fraternal year began and I thank you for making the transition a smooth one. Your efforts during the festival and soccer challenges (both of them) as well as at our breakfast and the All Saints Party are very much appreciated. In the very near future, we have another breakfast coming up this month. We also have the HCCS sweatshirt underway and Thomas Cook has taken the lead on that project (thank you Thomas). Please be sure to contribute a new, wrapped and properly tagged sweatshirt to the cause. Also, I thank you for your prayers for Brother Peter von Buelow, he is in recovery as I type and his cancerous growth has been removed completely as of the last report that I received.
On November 13, 2010 in Brighton, there will be a major degree as well. Please check the calendar of events to stay up to date on the happenings of our Council. I want to make another plea for help for a Community and a Family Director. I have some ideas on how these Knights can serve the parish and the greater community. Their duties would not be too exhaustive If interested, please contact me to volunteer.
In closing, I am proud to announce that the Knight of the Month for October 2010 is: Brother Michael Porter and that our Family for the Month of October 2010 is the Horste family. By being selected as the September Family of the Month, Gene Wierzgac and his family were recipients of the Holy Family Icon. This is an award given to a chosen family from the Supreme Knight Carl Anderson himself. Our Council is very proud that Gene, Geri and Matthew have received this special recognition from Supreme and we look forward to seeing this very special Icon that was hand crafted in Poland (of all places!) Congratulations to the Wierzgac family, we are proud of you!  At last Month's meeting, SK George Pariseau was the winner of the book from the Grand Knight's book of the Month Guild. The book selection was written and personally autographed by both Al Kresta and Nick Thomm and is titled  "Moments of Grace, Inspiring stories from well known Catholics". I look forward to giving another book away this month at the General Meeting. I hope to see you there.
God Love You,
SK Frank Finch
Grand Knight
Council 10963
Old St. Patrick Parish
Whitmore Lake, MI