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May 2011: Run and tell your Mother!

posted May 19, 2011, 1:41 PM by Unknown user
Growing up, no one that I knew in our neighborhood liked a "tattle-tale". For the little squabbles that happen between children, anyone who ran to tell his mother was branded a tattle-tale rather quickly.
But, even those same children that I knew growing up would all agree that when one of us got hurt playing or when something serious or dangerous was about to happen, someone would step up and say "Run and tell your Mother!".
We all know that May is the month for Mothers. With Mother's day and the May crowning of Mary taking place, we are reminded of our Mother's love for us. We as Catholics truly believe that not only were we given our own "Mom" here on earth, we have our Mother Mary in heaven as well.
So I have to ask you, did you run and tell your Mother? Have you talked with her lately? Do you recite the prayers of the Rosary daily? Do you devote time to ask Mary in prayer to intercede for you? Do you tell her everything that is bothering you and ask for her intercession?
I personally cannot stand the modern day concept of a "global community" the way it has been presented by those in secular power these days. But if the world is our neighborhood, we are in a great deal of trouble down here and someone needs to run and tell Mother that we need some help!  As I write this, Muslim forces are attacking Coptic Christians and burning their churches in Cairo Egypt, we continue as a Country to abort more babies every day than anyone else in the world, our financial and moral fabric of our Country is tattered and so many people are out of work.
Yes, despairing news all around and I know that you didn't need me to tell you all about it. But, I bring attention to these examples of trouble because I feel that they are simply the symptoms of a greater problem. And that problem is the ever increasing crisis within our own Church. We are experiencing as a whole, a serious crisis of faith in the Real Presence and in our Mother Mary within our own Catholic family. We need to get back to basics and we need to ask our Mother for her help. Mary will intercede for us because Jesus will not deny His mother's gentle intercession for her children.
So, someone ..... run and tell Mother what is happening and ask for her help!
In closing, I am proud to announce that the Knight of the Month for April 2011 is: Bernard Zacharias and that our Family for the Month of April 2011 is the Porter Family. At last Month's meeting,Gene Wierzgac was the winner of the book from the Grand Knight's book of the Month Guild. The book selection was titled  "Catholic Young Man's Guide", written by Father Lasance.

I look forward to giving another book away this month at the General Meeting. I hope to see you there.

God Love You,
SK Frank Finch
Grand Knight
Council 10963
Old St. Patrick Parish
Whitmore Lake, MI