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August 2011: The calming effect of the Rosary

posted Aug 17, 2011, 11:04 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 17, 2011, 11:07 AM ]
Sometimes, things that we take for granted can strike you over the head when you least expect it. Take for instance, the effect that vocal prayer like reciting the Rosary can have on those engaged in it as well as those who are listening.
I have experienced on many occasions, an overwhelming sense of calm during and after reciting the prayers of the Rosary either alone or with my wife. Even as we are reciting the prayers aloud, our two Labrador Retrievers will suddenly lay down and become very calm. Of course you realize that all Labrador retrievers are by their nature, Catholic dogs.
Saying the Rosary while driving tends to take the edge off of the otherwise tense driver, making him or her more gentle, more patient and ultimately safer because we are being accompanied in prayer by Mother Mary and her Angels. Reciting the Rosary at first light seems to place a solid foundation under our feet to prepare us for the challenges of the day. In the evening, instead of turning on the news, we can shut out the noise of the troubled world and tune into the Spiritual "channel" of prayer and present our petitions to Christ through His Mother and also close our day in perfect fashion.
Most of those who read this already recite the prayers of the Rosary if not once, perhaps many times a day. St. Francis de Sales has written that one should "Pray a half-hour each day. And on busy days, pray an hour.” So, why am I writing this? More than likely because prayer is something that I have been personally struggling with myself lately and when I struggle with something, I tend to write about it. I hope that you may have benefited a little bit from what I have shared here.
In other news, I would like to welcome our newest Knights to our council and to the Order. Randy Ankenbauer and Kevin Galbraith Jr. have both undertaken the scrutinies of the 1st Degree. Please welcome them as Brother Knights when you see them. I am still looking for for donations for the wine themed baskets that our Council has pledged to donate for the Parish Festival. If you can donate a bottle of wine, a nice book or, other wine related items, I would be glad to take them and work on these baskets prior to the Festival.

In closing, I am proud to announce that the Knight of the Month for July 2011 is: Deacon Frank Papp and that our Family for the Month of July 2011 is the Swedorske Family. At last Month's meeting, Kevin Galbraith Jr. was the winner of the book from the Grand Knight's book of the Month Guild. The book selection was titled "Mere Christianity", written by C.S. Lewis.

I look forward to giving another book away this month at the General Meeting. I hope to see you there.

God Love You,

SK Frank Finch
Grand Knight
Council 10963
Old St. Patrick Parish
Whitmore Lake, MI