Program Director: SK Eugene J. Wierzgac

The Program Director works with the Church, Community, Council, Family, and Youth Directors to coordinate programs.

Faith Director: Paul Malocha

  • Vocations

  • Lay Apostolate

  • Parochial Services

  • Religious Devotions

  • Christ in Christmas

Community Director: Cole Van Camp

  • Pro-Life

  • Volunteerism

  • Human Needs

  • Civic Involvement

  • Environmental

  • Public Safety

  • Health Services

  • Decency

Life Director: Eric Strauss

Health Services: Michael J. Laird

Public Relations: Michael J. Laird

Family Director: Vincent Brighton

Membership Director: SK Kevin J. Galbraith Sr., PGK

  • Recruitment Committee Members:

    • SK John LaRock Sr.

    • Robert Tomsic

    • Gregory Kapolnek

  • Retention Chair: Gene Wierzgac

  • Insurance Promotion: Michael Laird

4th Degree Liasion: SK Eugene J. Wierzgac

  • Welfare Committee Chair: SK Matthew J. Wierzgac, PGK

MI Drive Chair: Michael J. Laird