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Knight of the Year - SK Kevin J. Galbraith, Sr.

 Our Council's Knight of the year is Sir Knight, Kevin Galbraith. Our Brother Kevin has served tirelessly as the Deputy Grand Knight and Programs Director for the previous two Fraternal years. We are honored to have Kevin serve as our Grand Knight for the upcoming Fraternal year.
Juggling professional, family and faith commitments is not an easy thing to do and he may not realize this, but Kevin makes it look easy. He can always be counted upon to come through for the Council on every pancake breakfast and on every project that the Council is involved in. I have stated this many times publicly but wish to do so again here, without Kevin and his dedication to the Order, our Council would not be successful.
I am looking forward to serving the Council under the leadership and guidance of our new Grand Knight and our Knight of the year, Kevin Galbraith.
Frank Finch, SK
Grand Knight FY 2010-FY 2012
Council 10963